Long bio

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Academic Interests

At the moment, I am interested in machine learning and artificial intelligence (I think machine intelligence is a good phrase for both). I’m very interested in theories of learning (that aren’t statistical learning theory), or classes of algorithms that exhibit strong learning ability.

As an undergraduate I studied mainly computer science related discipline, but I also enjoyed other areas such as number and quantum theory, not that I was good at either. I was interested in cryptography for some time but it doesn’t fit my general skillset, and wonderfully machine learning isn’t solved yet (but I struggle to find any beauty in it, whereas I find beauty in many other disciplines). I think that the research area that would be perfect for me does not exist yet, we are just too early in history, but this is fine and I plan for the future.

General Interests

I am broadly interested in many things. Overall I would call myself a natural philosopher since I love thinking, imagining, dreaming and so on.

I have an appreciation of mathematics, in particular I like number theory, but there are many parts of mathematics that are very interesting. Cellular automata and artificial life are nice but I would like to see more connections from them into other areas of science (they don’t get out much).

Early Life

I was born in Bristol on the 25th of August 1994 to my father Paul and mother Vivienne. There was no real pressure to be “successful”, in academia or otherwise, mainly just to do something more than my parents had done.

In primary school I didn’t do that much work as far as I can recall, but when I was 11 I was very much interested in computers and probably started programming around age 12. For some reason at this time I was very interested in computer security and spent some time doing questionable things, but I didn’t fully understand machine code until a while later. Also during this time I spent wonderful trips to California which was incredible as a 16 year old, to explore a different world of people and places.


I listen to music everyday. New life is breathed into me whenever I find new genres of music with unopened songs. Here I put a list of some of my favourite musical tastes:

Electronic Party

While there is no doubt that dance music should be experienced in a large arena or field, speakers are still good enough to listen at home:



Simian Mobile

Spacemind Electronic

Some very strange music, but quite enjoyable

Drum, bass

I think most drum and bass at venues is pretty poor, however, there are some good ones



For that time you need to feel smooth

Olde time songs

We have no recording of music from times past, but there are some quality recreations of poems and sonnets from long ago. Not only do they sound good, but they open your mind to another world of life, love, and sorrows.

Totus Floreo



Miri it is while sumer ilast


Afro celt


Music is probably the best thing for us. It is made by differing pressures of air particle waves, which vibrate your ear and pulse magical parts of your brain that allow you to perceive it at a high level. Enjoy it while you can.


Under construction


I haven’t read a fiction book in years, but I’d like to write one.